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Who We Are

We are a community of active older adults living in our own homes in the neighborhoods and towns we love. As members of HomeHaven, a grassroots organization of friends and neighbors throughout Greater New Haven, we are redefining what it means to grow older in today’s world. 

We have chosen to stay in our own homes, to preserve our independence, to build a sense of community and social connection, to feel secure about services we pay for, to use our talents to help one another and our community, and to continue to learn and grow and thrive. As we share our experiences of the challenges of aging and our knowledge of how to age well, we strengthen this caring social network and turn obstacles into opportunities. 

To develop community and neighborliness, we are organized into five virtual ‘Villages.’ These are not physical places to which members move; rather, we continue to live in our own houses, apartments, and condos in our own familiar neighborhoods. Our Villages are Amity (Woodbridge, Orange, and Bethany); Downtown, East Rock Village, and Westville in New Haven; and Hamden/North Haven[See 
Our Five Villages.]

The Village concept encourages neighbors and strangers to be friends. We get to know each other, enjoy activities together, and offer help to one another as needed. We each find our own best way to participate and contribute. 

Our Villages operate under a nonprofit organizational umbrella called HomeHaven that is both efficient and accountable. Through volunteer committees and a small professional staff, the central office plans a range of events for our membership and guests, selects and monitors health and household service providers, makes service referrals, coordinates volunteering, and manages the budget and business of HomeHaven. 

We have over 230 members currently ranging in age from 68 to 98. We welcome new members over the age of 55. We also encourage nonmember neighbors and friends to support HomeHaven by volunteering their time and expertise. 

Click here for How to become a member.